United Nations

At the hearing evaluation to the United States, the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations questioned the treatment of the Asch case by various state bodies.

At the hearing held in Geneva in March 2014, members of the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations, questioned the United States Government irregular procedures that deal with the Asch case internally, when violated the State's obligations under the Extradition Treaty between the Republic of Argentina and the United States of America with respect to the enforcement of judgments in one country to be issued pursuant to the other of said international instrument. . Also, the United States was questioned on their attempt to extradite Mr Ricardo Asch from Mexico by facts that had already been assessed by the Argentinean justice system and determined the lack of offense, statue of limitation and consequent closure of the respective cases. The responses of the representatives of the United States to the questions raised were generic and evaded refer to the actual state of affairs. A summary of the actions described above are shown in the next video.