The truth about the article published in the newspaper La Nacion

The article of the newspaper La Nación 26/05/2001 entitled "The Argentine's most wanted by the FBI," contained in the URL which appears in the top results of Google search engines contain old information and that, over time, has become false.

It referred to a judicial process that is long over, with the full acquittal of Dr. Ricardo Asch in relation to the charges against him and the consequent rejection of the extradition request by the United States.

Consequently, there are currently no legal proceedings that could justify the legitimacy of measures which restrict the freedom of movement of Dr. Asch.

It is worth remembering that in various legislations, after criminal proceedings concluded with the acquittal of the accused, the existence of such a process can not be reported for criminal records, to preserve the good name of the person who was involved in a legal issue without being guilty of any crime.

The situation caused by the wrongful retention of old and unfortunate news in relevant positions in Internet search engines is today a topic of discussion worldwide. The Court of Justice of the European Court recently recognized the right to forget, by which any citizen has the right to require the withdrawal of his Web information which, over time, lost interest of information, as in the case of Dr. Asch, that over time turned into false facts contained in the publication.

Given the intransigence and insistence of those who place and manage information on the Web, towards safeguarding the honor and good name of Dr. Ricardo Asch is that this clarification is made.

Juan Pablo Bonfico
Buenos Aires-Argentina