The purpose of this webpage is to make public the details of my journey through the legal systems and courts in different parts of the world

Until now, my story has remained private due to three primary factors:

  1. The legal documents of Extradition Processes are confidential, thus the Foreign Ministries and the Justice Departments of the countries involved will not release them publically.
  2. I have neither given interviews on these topics to any reporter nor communicated in any manner with the media.
  3. The International communication media, in general, rarely covers topics that place the United States of America in a negative light.

During all these years, since 1995 to the present, I have been deprived of my liberties and, at times, physical freedom due to the harassment and extreme persecution by the United States (EEUU), which caused great anguish to my family and me. I was forced to defend myself in different countries of the world, which created tremendous stress as well as emotional and financial suffering.

The activities of the United States ranged from subterfuge in diverse and unbelievable tactics toward myself and my family, including the presentation of false testimonies and documents with the intention to extradite me to the United States, for charges that I was exonerated of in previous legal proceedings.

Despite having been exonerated of all the charges against me by the Courts, I have been declared guilty by the court of public opinion in the USA, as well as internationally. These media-driven judgments, that violate my most fundamental rights, have been a constant throughout the years.

Despite the confidentiality of the official files of Extradition Processes, as the principal subject of the cases, I have the legal and moral right to include them on this webpage for public use.

I hope in this way I can portray the legal truth of my case to all those who might be interested in my story and are unable to ascertain the truth from the mainstream media reports.

I make all these statements with the aid of legal professionals who have helped me defend my freedom against the ferocious attack of the United States (State Department, FBI,etc)in many parts of the world. I am indebted and profoundly grateful to you , to whom I owe the partial freedom that I currently enjoy.

My motivation to publish this webpage is to let people know the full truth, with a sincere desire to help all those people who feel they were negatively affected by the events which occurred at the UCI (University of California-Irvine) Center for Reproductive Health, to whom I reaffirm my intention to assist them to learn the truth in each one of their cases.

Thank you for your interest in this story. I look forward to your commentaries and suggestions.

Ricardo Asch, 21 of August 2013