Lack of valid warrants of arrest

Who really committed mail fraud?

This section of the webpage treats the falseness of the documents submitted by the USA government to different countries such as Argentina in 2004 and Mexico in 2010 in the case of Ricardo Asch. Even though the official documents submitted to Argentina and Mexico by the USA through the Embassies in Buenos Aires and Mexico City respectively, stated unequivocally that the warrants of arrest against Ricardo Asch were valid and current, on november 30,2010 Douglas F. McCormick –Assistant Unites States Attorney in The United States Atterney’s Office for The Central District of California issues a document certified and apostilled by Attorney General de USA, Eric Holder on the 12 of january of 2011, that proves all the contrary.

According to these document it is clear that the warrants of arrest utilized in the Extradition petitions were not valid since the month of june 1997 and thus Douglas F. McCormick request a new warrant of arrest to be effective retroactively to february 1998.

That is to say, Ricardo Asch had to endure an extradition process in The Republic of Argentina during five years and a similar one in The United States of Mexico, with a deprivation of his liberties and freedoms, even in the absence of a valid arrest warrant in both cases. According to International laws, a similar process would be considered an extremely serious error that would certainly cause the immediate termination of the Magistrate that had acted in this manner, as well as the obligation of the Government to indemnify and compensate for the damages that would have been produced, since under no circumstance, should a retroactive arrest warrant ever be accepted.

This section documents that in reality Mail Fraud was committed by the Government of EEUU and not Dr Asch. Not only did EEUU commit a criminal act, but demonstrated an absolute lack of respect to International Law against a person and to two sovereign nations. Also, Dr Asch and his family were objected to constant spying throughout these years, which was appropriately reported to the Mexican Human Rights Committee in eleven (11) instances from 1996 to 2004. Both the criminal action and the espionage demonstrate the antidemocratic character of the government of EEUU.

The government of USA never had provided any explanations to either the Argentinean nor Mexican Governments, acting with a complete International diplomatic impunity, ignoring the respect to Legal and Human Rigths International Treaties to whom they subscribe.